What's your favorite TV show?

What’s your Favorite TV show?
One of mine is AGT:

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America’s Got Talent

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Idk maybe 3 below, oh, and I dream of singing at agt!

AGT is super cool, but I also like KGT

THough, now that I live here it would make more since to like AGT, I also like The Voice

Hi! My names Lorelei and I’m new here! Please check out my profile, and my favorite TV show is America’s Funniest Home Videos. I also want to sing on AGT! :grinning:

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Me too!(except I’d rather do ventriloquism)

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AGT is really cool. I would dance and sing on it!

I kind of also want to do FF ballet on AGT.

same! Awesome show and I kinda hate Simon

He’s actually getting kinda nicer.
BTW: whenever he’s the last to make a yes/no decision & everyone else says yes & when he agrees w/ everybody he says “Well you’ve got four yeses”

:open_mouth: @Lorelei You got suspended 'til Jun 21, 2022 8:00 pm! What Happened!

P.S. Tell me what happened when you come back on.

ya he is getting nicer

Real name

America’s Got talent