Would You Rather ... (#2)

Would you rather be an artist and have no musical talent… Or be able to play any instrument and cannot draw …

  • Be able to draw
  • Have musical talent

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And don’t forget to tell me why !!!

ummmmm bc I love music and could do anything I wanted, and make any music…that just means alot to me…I love watching art ALMOST more than I actually like doing it…

Cool !!!
I thought you would choose that one …

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my sis really like’s drawing and she has made 1789 drawing’s

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Preston! Your sister sounds just like me! The utubers to the drawing!

I love to sing. When my sister and I get together with our cousins, we usually spend some time singing. A love for singing is something our school teacher taught us.

Thats super cool im in 3rd grade now

One of my sisters is in third grade too.