Would You Rather (#14)

Would You Rather be deaf, blind, or mute? The two senses you didn’t lose would be enhanced. :+1:

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I would rather be mute. Bc I could still listen and talk to people. Me being able to speak would not be as important as just listening to others for me. I could just write as well then.

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@AGM I would have to say mute because if I was blind, that would straight suck. I wouldn’t be able to see my friends’ faces or anything. If I was deaf, I wouldn’t be able to hear my friends or even warnings of danger, like shouting, gunfire, or a car horn, etc. If I was mute I couldn’t contribute to a conversation, but I could at least participate by listening and watching. So imma say mute for me.

Yeah, being mute, you can pretty much just do anything like normal. Pretty much. Not dissing mute people! All of them would kinda suck! LOL

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Mute I guess :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


MUTE :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: