Would You Rather (#12)

Would your rather always be the smartest person in the room,
or always be the funniest person in the room?

I think that I would rather be funny, bc more people would be attracted to my personality I think, I have a lot of value stocked up in humor!

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I would have to say the opposite. I pride myself in my intelligence. For example, I am in 2 classes above my grade. So I would rather be the smartest person in the room. I could have the answer to everything. I’d even be smarter than the teachers!

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That kinda does make sense…idk. Imma stick with my answer.

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The first thing that came to mind is that if I chose smart I would not have many friends, but then I have many friends and I get straight As and I was student of the month 3 times, student of the week once and student of the year once, so… smart

I would say smart !!