Favorite song talk

What is your favorite song?

Uhhhhh…for me it will probably be Believer by Imagine Dragons , but my fav artist would prob be either Tuaren Wells , Toby Mac , or ummmm …Danny … And I forgot his last name … What’s you fav song @bookerbailey ??? Let me know when you can !!! …oh!!! … and welcome to the typesy community !!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think you mean Danny Gokey??? IF we are any where on the same page…lol

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I like IMagine Dragons, but my favourite song by them would be Radioactive.

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Yeah I do … Oop …I can never remember his last name :woman_facepalming:t2: … Lol !!!

That is totally fine…lol

mine is old town road sorry i have not been online as much

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You are fine I am glad to have you back

Old Town Road is cool…I just don’t like Lil Nas X…no offense if you like him at all…it is just not rlly my style and stuff

ok did you see the new topic i made

No…what was it called

plz tell me if i am not suppose to make topic

it is called just want to talk

You are allowed to make a topic!

ok thx for telling me

Yeah, no I make stupid topics all the time…just when I want to talk to a SPECIFIC person and not the whole community to see…I just message them

lets talk at just talk about stuff is that ok

Perfect…we can chat there

hi every body how has you day been talk when you can bye