Singers and what not

So as some ppl have put to my attention, there is not alot of posting so now that Covid is calming down…so I am going to try my very best to keep up with the posting. So some of my newer topics are going to hopefully amuse some sort of conversation. So I would basically just like everyone to say their favourite style of music and their favourite artist. And if you have more than one…just list them all! I love hearing other ppls music and how they express themselves. I also would like to ask all of you if you do art? And if you do than what kind? (anime,realism,cartoon,etc:) I hope to hear out of some of you soon, and hope that with the way that the world is, that you are all safe and happy. Thank you all for being such a helpful and supportive, community and program! :laughing:

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My Spotify says that I like Rock and Indie. . .and my favorite band is Arctic Fox, and they say that they make both rock and indie music

Idk …
Ok I love almost every type ( except classical and some hard rock )

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DUDE I LOVE ROCK!!! I live off of that stuff!!

Yeah, I don’t like some classical…but I must admit that I am a Burgmuller fan!

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Remember I said some hard rock …
I like some types …
But probs not my go to music , ya know ???

yeah, I can understand. I love it though. XD

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Same!! I LOVE rock! I also like punk.

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And also some pop… but mostly rock.

Oh MY GOSH! You like punk and rock? That is so cool! I dig both those things! Who are your favourite bands???

Probably Toby Mac and 21 pilots :sunglasses: