What Is Your Favorite Band?

Tell me your fave band! It can be a person with a DJ set to a full band! But just tell me! Please? Oh, and by the way, mine is Arctic Fox!

I would have to think, but can it be just like a soloist??? or does it have to be a band? Bc, for just a solo person, I like TobyMac!

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ok! nice, cool choice

Have you heard some of his songs?

no, but, still, uh, cool choice? :sweat_smile:

:laughing: I was just wondering bc I thought that would be cool if we had that in common! LOL

I love TobyMac’s songs !!!
But I also like Tauren Wells , Aaron Cole , and Danny Gogi !!!
I can’t choose :joy::joy::joy:
And also … Joshua Micah , but only Who Says

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OMG!!! Dude I love Tauren Wells!!! DANNY GOKEY for life as well. I have some albums of his!!

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I can’t spell :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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