What’s Your Biggest Challenge Learning Google Apps

Hey Typesy Community!

Typesy is building a comprehensive curriculum around Google Suite from some of the world’s leading software instructors. These courses will cover Gmail, as well as productivity apps like Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Forms. You’ll also learn how to control everything from GDrive and Google Classroom.

We’re working hard to get this to you soon, but we need your help! Let us know your biggest challenges using Google Suite and the #1 thing you’d like to learn about any Google Apps. We’ll use your feedback in our meeting with instructors this Wednesday to craft course materials that are specific to what you’re interested in learning. We appreciate your feedback!

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Since Typesy is now offering some courses, I would like to suggest that you offer a tutorial for G Suite too.
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Is Gmail an advisable app if you are sending lots of emails per day?
Can you give some video tutorials for Google Apps? I am looking for a resource that can give complete information.
I hope you can give us some email productivity tips. Sending emails is one of the overlooked but such an important task for most people.
Using Google Drive gives me a little bit of frustration because I am not a pro at getting around the app. Do you offer courses on this?
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In this time of the pandemic, I am sure many people are using Google Classroom. You should provide a tutorial for this.
I would like to learn more about Google Apps. Can you recommend some material/s to review?
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I have been watching Youtube videos on how to use Google Classroom but most videos are complicated. As a newbie, I need a simplified explanation of how to start.
Do you have any training for Google Apps?
What is the advantage of using Google Drive in storing files?
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In terms of emailing, does Gmail provide a guaranteed increase in productivity? Do you have any resources to prove this?
Making presentations are a lot easier using Google Slides but I don't know how to navigate the app. Do you have training for this?
Is Google classroom an advisable app for teachers? I am searching for a tutorial on how to use it before I sign up.
I just found out that G Suite can cater to a very large number of sheets or even can connect them, that is why I am interested to learn more about this app.
Do you have a course explaining G Suite Add-ons?
I want to start using Google Slides. Please launch a course on how to navigate it.
Is there an advantage using Gmails over any other emailing apps out there?
I just learned that Google Slides can be used offline though most google apps need an internet connection. This one is exciting, would like to know more about it.
Are Google Apps effective for improving productivity?