Tell Us Your Number 1 Frustration In Navigating The Operating System

The Typesy team are putting together an Operating Systems teaching package from the world’s leading instructors in macOS and Windows OS. For this to be done in a timely and correct manner, we need your opinion!

Can you please post below and tell us your number 1 frustration with the operating system you are using? Or tell us what you would like to learn. We will use your feedback immediately as we are in meetings with the experts next week. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Arianna - Typesy Community Leader

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I use Windows operating system. I find it difficult to use The Command Prompt or Windows Powershell

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I am new in using Mac OS. Where can I find quality resources that offer discussions about this OS ?

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Which OS do you think is better, Mac or Windows, and can someone explain their differences?

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I use Windows and Mac, I would like to learn the CLI, especially for installing software on the Mac.



I am having a hard time navigating Mac like rearranging Menu Bar Icons or using Finder. I hope there are some courses that can thoroughly explain these. I am not really a technical person.

Do you know some good educational videos which explain how to fix minor Windows issues?
Hi, I want to learn more about Windows OS as part of my studies. Do you have it in this forum?
How do I restore deleted files on iCloud? Do you offer tutorials about the basics of Mac?
What are some exciting features that we can still discover using Mac? Some features are hard to navigate.
Are there evidences that using Mac OS can really help increase one's productivity?
Where can I find an excellent video on Windows 10 training? YouTube videos are incomplete and confusing.
I am not so good on computers that even disabling Caps Lock Key is hard for me. Do you provide training?

I hate pop-up notifications that suddenly appear on my screen but I am not familiar with getting around the system.

Please provide some guides on how to troubleshoot Windows 10.

What should we expect if we upgrade from Windows 8 to 10?
I am looking for a guide or video that will help me protect my data when using Apple devices.
Are there specific age or group that Mac or Windows cater or more suitable to use?

Where can I find a course that provides complete training on how to use Mac OS?

Is there a secret process on how to utilize Windows to reach maximum productivity?