Typesy will not open

Sooooo all of a sudden Typesy stopped working on my Mac. Was working just fine for about a month and now when I try to open the app, it just gets stuck on the splash screen and never opens. Im using Sonoma btw on a Mac

I am having the same problem. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted. Any fixes for this problem?

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No solution yet. And I will emphasize that it was working fine one day and when I tried to open it the following day it won’t open. I didn’t change anything or update anything.

thanks for the reply and please let me know if you hear of a solution. thanks elie

So if you haven’t found a solution yet, I put in a ticket for my complaint and they got back to me. They said to completely uninstall the program and then download typesy directly off of the website and not the App Store. It works fine now.

Did that work?
And I was having the same problem.
But I found a way to fix it without having to uninstall it.
I am using Microsoft Edge, so if your are not I am not sure where this is going to be, but I went to this little button and clicked on it.
And then I went down to the bottom of it wants I had clicked on it and and went to the one that said: Other Profiles and hovered over that and clicked BROWSE AS GUEST. Than you just type in typesy.com.
The picture probably explains it better.
I hope that made since.