Typsey Teaches Operating Systems

After a huge lead up to the opening ‘bargain’, I bought in - to ‘Typesy Teaches Operating Systems’.

I started with the macOS tutorials and they were exactly what I expected. Basic macOS navigation and use. There are, however, a few little hints and tricks that could prove useful. I’m looking forward to getting into some more advanced topics, to see if there really is good value here.

Then, I went to the Windows tutorials… O.M.G. !!!

It’s an extremely DEEP dive into downloading and installing virtual box elements that allow you to install Windows Server and a separate Windows 10 install, for what I can only assume is some kind of long-range plan to finally get to the operating system…? Go to this website, download this, install that…

I’m up to lecture 4, and we’re still to cover even the most basic and fundamental Windows navigation and use. These courses are chalk and cheese!..

I don’t understand, why the macOS tutorials start out with what amounts to, “this is a mouse, point here to open a Finder”… whereas the Windows tutorials jump straight into “download and install Virtual Box, download Windows 10 Pro, Windows 2016 Server edition, do this, point here, download and install that, make sure you don’t do this, do that… etc, etc…” and we haven’t even talked about even the most fundamental Windows tasks??? I don’t get it?

I’ve sent an email to ‘support’ but so far, no one has come back to me about it.

What do others think about Typesy Teaches Operating Systems??