We Want To Hear Your Microsoft Office Frustration!

Hi everyone!

The Typesy team is currently collaborating with some of the world’s leading Microsoft Office teachers & professionals. Our plan is to create the most comprehensive MS Office teaching package available anywhere. But we need your help . . .

Using the discussion board below, please post your number one frustration with MS Office? Or tell us what you’d like to learn. We want to incorporate as much of your feedback as possible in order to make this course as inclusive and in-depth as possible. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Arianna - Typesy Community Moderator

Email Response:

My Dad (>75 years old) have asked me if there is a MS Word course available. He learned typing using Typesy and he enjoyed it. So he wanted to continue learning in somewhat similar step-by-step guided way the program he uses the most –MS Word. But he is an Apple Mac user, so such a course needs to work on a Mac and be targeted for the Mac version of Office.

He not only wanted to use MS Word, but also the basics of the operating system (files, folders, renaming, moving, copying files, etc) so as to feel fully comfortable on the computer.

Both Mac users, both need self-guided, self-paced courses on the very basics of the Mac OS and Office, for the most part Word, Excel and a little of Power Point.

Customer Email Response:

A Microsoft Office course would be an awesome product! The school I teach at might be interested in such a product if an appropriate version for school age children is made available. It would certainly make my job a lot easier too since I’ve had to develop my own lesson materials from scratch, which is very time consuming, since my students had absolutely no prior computer literacy. We had just gotten to the point where we were about to start the Office applications when the Corona virus shut everything down.

I’m responding directly to your inquiry below, rather than leaving a comment on the community as you suggest, since I wanted to include a couple of files to illustrate my response. (no files will be added for privacy concern)

While I am an advanced computer user in both software and hardware, I’m primarily self-taught from books, videos, and good old fashioned trial and error, however, if your experts can offer any tips with using this poorly executed feature of Microsoft Word, I would appreciate your feedback.

The only other comment I would offer regarding the MS Office suite concerns Excel. While I have a solid understanding of the basic formulas necessary to maintain a yearly detailed personal record of income, tax withholding, saving, charitable giving, reoccurring expenses, such as insurances, utilities and so forth, when I’ve had occasion to explore more advanced formulas I’ve found the help within Excel lacking in the necessary clarity to produce a formula with the correct syntax to be functional. However, unless you’re an accountant most people don’t need to know such minutia.

I hope you find my input worth the read for your study and I look forward to seeing your new product when it becomes available.

It would be best if there are any course/lessons that would focus on interface of MS Word as it is most of the time confusing and hard to figure out on my part.

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I am really a lover of excel as I use it to track monetary inflow and outflow. However, there are functions that I would love to explore but am afraid to do so. It would be best if there is a course included that would showcase the overall function of excel.

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I want to know and learn how to input texts or photoshop pictures on Word

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Error messages are hard to decipher when using the software and the functions have confusing variables to put in at times, hoping that this can be discussed in one of the courses

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grammar checkup tool is a very helpful tool in Word. However, not all words are found in the dictionary even though it is are grammatically correct. Can this be addressed by the author/s?

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I wanted to dive deep into analysis capabilities of Pivot Tables. Using tables for data allows for working with data and performing important comparisons to make decisions.

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I just want to understand how formulas interact with each other

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Learning the form text styling ,tables ,smart shapes with Microsoft Office would be great. It will help me with my schooling.

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I am new to working with data, formulae, and spreadsheets. It would be best if the course features well-defined functions and simple fundamental procedures of excel

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The management of space between lines or within the fields of a table is sometimes not clear, preventing one from modifying it since you do not know what element is causing the space to be different from other lines. The checker is not as efficient when it comes to omitting terms.

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Hoping that this new offering would include Microsoft 365

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Are there different authors for every course offered here? It might be great to listen to different masters or teachers :slight_smile:

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Yes, we have partnered with 8 authors for this course and we are looking for more! :slight_smile:

I don’t really know what Microsoft 365 is. I am willing to learn this one

I’m having a hard time when positioning text on a PowerPoint because of the text selection box.