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What are the great features of Typesy EDU?

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At Typesy EDU, we connect learning to fun in a productive, thoughtful way. Clever, Classlink, and Google Classroom help us do it by streamlining login, centralizing information, and allowing educators to communicate about the work their students are doing. Our newly-introduced single sign-on technology means that improved typing is only one click away.

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Aidan Bernales
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Hello, @rumaysaday!

Typesy EDU is a fantastic option for any educator. As a teacher, you will have access to and control over every aspect of your students’ experience from lessons to assignments to assessments. Monitor class and individual student progress, assign customizable tests, and relax as Typesy does the grading for you!

Students are engaged through a variety of gamified lessons in which they earn rewards, up their game status, and work towards custom goals. Students build their own avatars and practice typing through fun, interactive lessons. Additionally, Typesy adapts to each learner, so no student will ever find themselves with lessons too easy or too difficult.

Typesy is available across most devices and platforms and is designed to work with technologies you may already have in place at your school. Typesy integrates with Google Classroom, Clever, and Classlink; if you are without an existing program in place, Typesy allows for CSV imports or manual entry of student data.

I simply couldn’t recommend the program more!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)

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