Where did the community go?

Yeah. What that says.

I am sorry that you feel this way. I try to be on here as much as I can be, but school and work, and honestly just becoming an adult

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You sound so old in that post. Tired too. Overwhelmed maybe? Wanting to make everyone feel okay but putting too much pressure on shoulders too small?
This is how I read you from just a few sentences that you posted.

Actually you could not be more right. Money is so tight right now, and life is getting so hard. With all the thought on war and stuff it really scares me. Young men age 18 can be called to serve in a war. Not too far off… My family is paying bills on a house falling apart, hospital bills, and growing up isn’t fun. I am losing friends and they are turning on me and spreading lies around my school stuff…honestly, this life is tough. Sorry for all the info. But seriously.


Oh, geez. That does sound tough. I would help if I could ever, bc that’s just my nature, but… you know. I’m ten. And I have no connection with you except typesy. So yeah. Again, I would help if I could, but I have no idea where in the world you even are. So yeah, I couldn’t help. Not that I wouldn’t! I always have this urge to help anyone who needs help.

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That is so sweet and such a sweet nature you have! PLEASE keep that sweet nature for the future. Kindness is rare these days.

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