Tell us about your Microsoft Office frustrations!

Hi everyone!

The Typesy team are currently in talks with some of the world’s leading Microsoft Office teachers and trainers. We are planning to put together an amazing office teaching package with their help. However, in order to do this properly, we also need your help!

Can you please post below and tell us your number one frustration with MS Office? Or tell us what you would like to learn. We will use your feedback immediately as we are in meetings with the experts right now. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Arianna - Typesy


While not necessarily a frustration, I will stray from Microsoft for a couple of reasons that may be relevant to this conversation. While working in education administration a few years ago, I used to work exclusively within the Microsoft Office suite. I became very familiar with Word but frustrated by the lack of formatting freedom available to me. For creating more visual items such as activity pages and event fliers, I learned how to use Microsoft Publisher, a program I swear - to this day - does not get the recognition it deserves! However, once Google launched their suite of programs, the ability to work remotely and collaboratively on documents that updated in real time was a game changer. Today the Google Suite is what I use for the majority of my work for this reason, but I still come back to Publisher almost daily.

So, to sum up what I would personally identify as Microsoft-related frustrations:

  1. Word’s format restrictions
  2. Restricted use of remote collaboration

Hope that helps!
Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)

I only use the basic of microsoft word. I was hoping to look for contents that could help me with mastering all the features available on word document

Powepoint presentation has helped me a lot with presentation. But I wanted to learn more about the proper styles in presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Excel is really hard to navigate. I don’t know the use of other tabs :frowning:

When I check out excel video tutorials in youtube, I can’t really grasp the ideas of the equations. Are there a lot of equations available??

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I haven’t had much use of Styles in Microsoft Office as I don’t know much about it but watch friends use it. Learning the Styles would be great.

Paragraph Breaks - how do I use this?! Been using Office with school work but I can’t really understand using paragraph breaks.

Word, Excel, Powerpoint - I have been using it in our office and school works on a daily basis but with it's basic features. It would be good to learn and master the features

I just learned in school that charts are available in excel but we were not taught well on it. I am eager to know how to make charts on excel and learn the uses of different charts

Using Styles on Microsoft Word is so difficult in the formatting especially if you are using your own template.
The graphing section in Microsoft Excel is quite helpful and I wanted to explore more on this. But I can't really understand how it works though
Image positioning on a Word document is a little bit hard because it often dentroys the paragraph formatting. I hope someone can explain the best technique on this.

Powerpoint presentation has limited fonts. Is there a way to explore more about this?

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Are there some quality resources that could give discussions on getting around Excel formulas?

I always wanted a good animation on my PowerPoint Presentation but I am not yet so good on this. I hope I can learn some ways to produce a great output.

The Graphs feature on the PowerPoint is very much helpful especially for Statistics reporting but I need to learn more how to accurately present my data.
Bullets and numbering on Word document are difficult to manage especially if it requires spacings and other indentations.
I noticed that the Mac and Windows version can cause formatting difference when using MS Powerpoint. I hope someone can elaborate these differences.
I think there are many features of MS Word that are rarely used because only few people have knowledge about it, just like the Field Codes, so hopefully we can get more information on these.