Request for Advance Typing Course in Typesy

Hi Typesy Community!

We are receiving a few requests about adding advance typing courses:

  • Programming Course
  • Short Cut Keys
  • Special training for programmers (Java, C# etc.) that would cover special keys often used in programming languages such as ;()[]{}<>_$±#@|`~
  • Special Keys: []{}| and functional keys such as ‘enter’, ‘tabulator’,‘caps lock’, ‘ctrl’, ‘alt’, ‘alt gr’, ‘windows key’, ‘windows right key’.

Feel free to “heart” this post or comment down below so that our dev team can recheck and see which feature is most requested.

Thank you and all the best,
Arianna - Typesy Community Leader


How exciting! I have seen a few coders commenting that they would like expanded use of the keyboard. It sounds like they will be having their requests granted!

In the interest of touch typing to save time, I could definitely see the benefit of lessons on short cut keys. By now my fingers know where to go to copy/paste, for example, but I definitely would’ve appreciated formal training before I developed muscle memory on my own.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)


As a software developer this would be an amazing addition to the current course selection. As I see it currently, there are only two courses for individuals, Interactive and Professional. Beyond adding a Programmer course or something of the like, is there is way to create our own courses using course templates either created with imports or found online? I see you can add words in the play area, but not as courses. If that were available then something like a “Programmers” Course could be created on a by user basis and feature super-customized lessons.

Either way, the addition of more courses is highly suggested and would add a ton of functionality to Typesy. Thanks for the support and I hope to see an update on this in the near future.


Hi Typesy Community,

I’m also a programmer and practicing to touch type already helped a lot, but I support the idea of an advanced course, tailored for programmers, this would be fantastic !



I think that would also be awesome and I would be able to progress farther. And it could help people do alot more with tough type.

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