Typesy needs more full keyboard interaction

I find it tedious to work on only sections of the keyboard. Although they are great exercises. It’s easy for new typers to lose confidence in the part of the keyboard they haven’t seen in a while. Typesy needs more full keyboard interaction. It would be better if you built up to where all the keys were faster and then have exercises using the full keyboard. with extra practice sections interspersed where you need extra help or where you could chose to use if you need more help. but more emphasis on the whole keyboard.

Hello, @Charlyn_Remulta!

When I notice my students getting bored, disinterested, disheartened, or frustrated, I tend to augment the lessons with more typing games. While it is important to follow Typesy’s lessons and focus on sections at a time, typing games can be a nice break for playing around with the entire keyboard. Games can also serve as a way to see which sections have really cemented as muscle memory and which could use revisiting.

Just thought I’d chime in with what has worked for me!
Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)