Please give me some tips to encourage my students practicing

I am a teacher and we are using Typesy now. How can I encourage my students to be more active in their typing lessons?

Hi Jack,

Keep going with why. Ask students to reflect aloud (or in a typed document!) on any tasks that need good keyboarding skills, especially activities important to them in school and elsewhere. Tell students that once they start making personal connections to why typing matters, they’ll see even more reasons to learn proper keyboarding.

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Aidan Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

Hello, @jackock!

What a great and honest question!

When things are getting a little too repetitive, consider switching things up and trying a few typing games before returning to lessons. Typing games are designed to keep your students engaged. Aside from keeping lessons fun, typing games allow your students to track their progress, focus on areas of weakness, and practice hand-eye coordination, a skill much needed in touch typing. So if your students’ eyes are getting a little heavy, give their bored brains a break and entertain for a bit!

It is likely that students in your class will be at differing levels of typing proficiency. There are many ways to keep your advanced students engaged while you focus your attention on your struggling students. Consider hosting competitions for highest WPM or accuracy, allow your most advanced students to tutor less experienced classmates, or challenge your adept typists by blindfolding them or covering the letters on their keyboard. Having a few ideas up your sleeve will ensure your skilled typists don’t become bored and distracting to others who need time to practice.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)