My child can't pass the first level... suggestions?

I’ve just started using Typesy with my 8-year-old son at home. He can’t seem to make it past Level 1 (ASDF). He can’t reach the 10WPM and 85% accuracy goals required in order to proceed. After several attempts, he is frustrated and disengaged, and I don’t blame him. He tries his best and comes up short, and then he just has to start over again. Does Typesy offer any sort of support for kids struggling to get the hang of it, or is it just “keep trying the exact same thing until you get it”?

I got a mini keyboard that connects to the laptop with a USB cord, thinking that maybe the laptop keyboard was too large or too sensitive for him. It isn’t helping. We’ve only been at it for a few days, and already the words “typing practice” are causing dread and misery for him.

Any suggestions or support out there?

Thanks in advance.

Try practicing with the typesy kids course :grinning:

Stay safe

ps I hope that answers you’re question