Hitting a wall--Interactive Top Row Level 21

I am using Typesy with my three kids. When my oldest (6th grade) got to Level 21 of the Top Row, he just hit a wall and was not able to continue. We had him step back and practice the previous levels and come back to Level 21… he still was not able to proceed. We figured it was just a quirk of his learning challenges and switched him to a different program.

Then my middle child (4th grade) was flying along until today he opened Top Row Level 21. He sat there and said, “I don’t know these letters. I haven’t learned them yet.” I showed them that he had, but he really struggled to complete these exercises.

Looking at the progression, I’m guessing that the issue is the 20 Levels of individual key practice with no practice putting it all together until suddenly… Level 21.

Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any suggestions to work around this? My third child is whizzing through home row. I’d like to make this program work for my younger two as the other program is quite a bit more expensive.

Thank you!

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