Lesson plans for homeschooling

I am using Typsey Kids for my 5th and 2nd graders. I noticed there are multiple sections, each with the first level unlocked. Is there a recommended path/plan for my beginner children? They have just been working through the first few lessons of the home row, but I haven’t gotten them started on the top or bottom row sections or “shift” and punctuation, even though the first level is unlocked for those. I’m wondering if I should have them do one lesson from each section each week (Monday - home row, Tuesday- top row, etc.) Right now it takes them around 15 minutes to complete a lesson. Or maybe one lesson from two different sections each day?


HI Lindsey!

For Typesy Kids, it is recommended to start with the Home Row > Additional Keys > Top Row > Bottom row

You may view the age group, and other information regarding a course when you hover your mouse over it. Clicking on info & preview will provide a more detailed information about the course.

You may scroll down to the “Lesson plans” section to get an idea on how to go about teaching the course and lessons.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: