What's the best way to use Typesy?

I have been typing for 20+ years but now would like to learn how to type properly.

That is clever! You will certainly find lots of pro-help in Typsey Community :slight_smile:

That does not answer my question.

I am sorry! I did not completely understand your question. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No worries. I’d just like to know the best way to use this course.

I realized that you have typed for 20+ years. Do you use the hunt-and-peck method?

You can use Interactice Typsey, or maybe for you with experience, could possibly work with Advanced Typsey classes.

Do You know how to work on speed?

Not quite hunt and peck. I use the wrong fingers and have to look at the keyboard most of the time. I’m trying to learn touch typing. I find with Typesy the modules don’t build on each other. Namely, once you learn the home row it goes on to teach you other keys and doesn’t come back to practice keys you learned until you’ve learned the top row. In the meantime, you’ve forgotten everything you’ve already learned.

I need to memorize keyboard and fingers first.

Typsey can most certainly help with all of that. I think that you would go to the beginning however. Or at least until you have covered the amount of fundamentals to move on. You can download Typsey or sign up as an individual.