Typesy's Approach in Teaching Typing

How will typesy teach its users on how to touch type?

Any good typing course will first focus on improving your touch typing technique and accuracy, and only then move on to helping you improve your speed and that is what Typesy will do. Spend a few days learning the basic touch typing techniques before you start worrying about speed. Include ergonomics as well as hand and finger placement.

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Aidan Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy


With touch typing, you will begin with finger positions. Each finger has assigned letters based on the positioning of the hand over the keyboard. The middle row on a QWERTY keyboard will serve as the home row, the starting position for each finger. You will first learn to become comfortable with this starting position which is made easier on many keyboards with a raised ridge on the F and J keys. These markers indicate where the index fingers should be placed on the home row, so you can feel your way back to home row rather than needing to look at the keyboard directly.

When typing, each finger has an assigned zone of keys, each requiring a movement of one or two keys away from home. After a finger has moved to type a letter, it will return to its home position.

From there, the most important piece of learning touch typing is consistency and repetition. Touch typing relies on developing the muscle memory needed for typing without looking at the keys. After enough Typesy practice, your fingers will move across the keys instinctively.

Typesy Team