Keyboarding Class

What should I expect when starting my keyboarding class?


The next step we want you to learn when teaching keyboarding would be making use of healthy competition.

Kids progress differently even though they may have started at the same time. Each person has different learning styles, so it is normal for everyone in a class to start off together, only to get different results after a day of learning.

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Hi there, @esmechapman!

For touch typing specifically, the first step for any new learner will be to learn their finger positions. Each finger has assigned letters based on the positioning of the hand over the keyboard. The middle row on a QWERTY keyboard will serve as the home row, the starting position for each finger. When typing, each finger has an assigned zone of keys, each requiring a movement of one or two keys away from home. After a finger has moved to type a letter, it will return to its home position.

No matter what level of typing mastery a student has, the most important piece of learning touch typing is consistency and repetition. Touch typing relies on developing the muscle memory needed for typing without looking at the keys. After enough practice, all students will be moving their fingers across the keys instinctively.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)