Why did you not create a course for kids under 7?

i really want others to improve. but i can only find interactive course (age 7) and professional course (age 15). why isn’t there others?

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Hello, @ENO!

Great question. Practicing good keyboarding skills is good for any age, but it is recommended to start students no earlier than age 7 to allow for full development of the motor skills necessary. Younger students will develop muscle memory skills quicker, but older students will be more comfortable with reading and writing, thus more able to spell correctly when typing.

That being said, if a student under the age of 7 is literate and developmentally ready, there is nothing stopping them from giving Typesy’s program a go!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)

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thank you, this was really helpful.


I started when I was 7!

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