Which do you prefer when making a rough draft, writing or typing?

So yes, are there still people who prefer writing when making a rough draft?


When writing a rough draft for a story or essay, you can either choose to write by hand or type. Depending on the length, however, typing is typically much easier and more convenient for these projects. Not only is it less stressful on your hands, it is typically also faster than hand-writing.

Additionally, most word processors available today have built-in spell checker and grammar checks, which can help you to identify problems as you’re typing and apply the appropriate edits as you go, rather than finishing a hand-written copy and having to scour back through it hoping that you catch your own errors.

Word processors like Google Docs and Microsoft Word will automatically save your progress as you work, as well, and keep an archive of saved changes throughout the progression of your document. So if you change your mind about how something reads after making an edit, you can easily recall the previous text without having to sift through many papers.

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Hello, @libertycastaneda!

As an English teacher, I love this question!

Personally, I prefer to type out a draft, print it, and edit it by hand. There’s something about physically holding my writing that I can’t let go! However, when drafting, I definitely prefer the efficiency of typing over handwriting.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)