Have you even experienced getting bored with typing and just wanted to write instead?

In this time where most people are used to typing instead of writing, is it possible that people get tired of it and get back in writing?

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Today, there is a debate onto what should be taught first, typing or writing. We always recommend that you learn both because they have their own purpose and medium used.

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Hello, @mariedaniel!

Absolutely! I am personally someone who enjoys the physical act of handwriting, and I learn better when I write something, too, so I can’t see myself ever transitioning to typing full time (although, believe me, I type a LOT).

There are plenty of places I prefer handwriting over typing: to do lists, journaling, writing a letter/card, taking notes in a class, etc. I also tend to flip back and forth when working on more formal writing. Personally, I prefer to type out a draft, print it, and edit it by hand. There’s something about physically holding my writing that I can’t let go! However, when drafting, I definitely prefer the efficiency of typing over handwriting.

It’s all a personal choice, and I can’t see that either will be going away any time soon, so I’m not worried about having to choose!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)

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