What are some things that is more appropriate when written and not for typing?

There is a debate whether which is more important nowadays between handwriting and touch typing. I am more comfortable typing so to those who prefer typing, what kind of notes or contents that writing is more necessary?


There are many things that you should write by hand rather than with a keyboard, though there are very few things that you must write by hand rather than with a typeface. There is evidence to suggest that taking hand-written notes on subjects, lectures, vocabulary and more helps you to better retain the information.

Your brain better registers and remembers information that has been written by hand by you, and studies and experiments have shown that using pen-and-paper to take notes results in an overall better recollection ability than typing. Additionally, things like signatures, calligraphy, and more look and feel better when hand-written than when they are typed. However, if you’re typing something particularly long such as a book, essays, novels, or report, you would likely be better off typing it rather than writing it out by hand. This is because your hands are more likely to cramp up or feel fatigued when writing something out by hand than by typing, and you will be able to get more work done in a quicker amount of time by typing than you will by writing something out by hand.

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Lyka Remeticado
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