What is the edge of Typesy over other typing games?

There are some online typing games but why is Typesy better?

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While these web games are often free and accessible to any student anywhere, they have serious drawbacks in terms of limited pedagogical design, inflexible exercise materials, IT network burden, and ad-based business models.

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Aidan Bernales
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It’s true Typesy does not have the drawbacks of many of the online typing games you will find, but it also employs research based strategies that make it stand out from these online games.

Educators know that when students acquire skills such as typing, important processes are going on behind the scenes. These operations include behavioral learning, self-efficacy, competence, automaticity, and muscle memory.

All these processes are well-supported by story-based learning and a transdisciplinary approach, which Typesy uses. The transdisciplinary approach is directly applicable to teaching typing. After students have mastered the initial home positions, they need to practice by typing complete words and sentences. With Typesy, these typing exercises include content that helps link ideas across disciplines, so students engage in powerful learning on two levels at once. Additionally, digital education researchers have discovered that when engaging, interactive stories are used to guide online content, like they do in Typesy, student motivation and learning are increased.

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