Teaching Typing Differently

To create the next generation of students, the world must come together to give them all the help we can for their learning. With classrooms getting larger and more students having access to learning resources, now is the time to give students the best options possible when teaching them new skills.

Essential learning skills used to involve writing in cursive and knowing times tables, but the new skill that students are coming to need is typing. The online world is always growing and students need to be able to communicate through it effectively. However, traditional typing programs were not designed with practicality and learning in mind. These outdated software would have children typing meaningless phrases that would not actually help them learn anything.

Thankfully for students, the Typesy software is here to help. With the revolutionary Typesy learning method, students are learning to type what matters. The transdisciplinary approach gives students typing skills in writing, science, history, math, and s much more! We need to give our students the option to have higher order thinking that gets them reviewing the topics that matter most to their learning. Typesy is here to keep students engaged and learning in and out of the classroom.

I really love how much Typesy focused on student engagement in the creation of their curricula. Typing is no longer a mundane task; kids are excited and eager to practice!

All typing programs are likely to focus on the key element of learning: practice, practice, practice! It’s not that other programs do not allow for this, but moreso that there are so many more options for learning these days, and Typesy just seems to do it best! Boring drill books have been usurped by fun, engaging typing games.

Everyone learns differently, but with the adaptability of Typesy’s programs to its user, everyone can learn differently and successfully!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)