The Difficulties of Teaching Typing

Every year, more and more students across the world are being exposed to a world where using the internet effectively is an essential skill. To get kids ready for the future, it is the job of teachers to get their students ready for the online world. But where does this all start?

Students are eager to learn how to get their hands on the exciting world online but helping them learn how to type and use their navigation effectively is a serious challenge. With traditional typing software, children are often easily bored and get confused with software that is difficult for even an adult to understand. When choosing how to teach typing to students, you want a software that is easy to use for the teacher and helps give every student activities that are centered around their unique learning styles.

With the Typesy software, students all over the world can now get the typing instruction they need with ease. Typesy provides students with all of the resources they need to succeed in the classroom by offering transdisciplinary content unlike the competition. Students learning with Typesy will be prepared to take on any typing challenge and will feel proud of what they have learned.

Students of today have lives so intertwined with technology that it will be rare to encounter a student who has never typed. With the ubiquity of personal devices, many students are more than proficient when it comes to typing with their thumbs. This is why it is perhaps more important than ever to ensure our students are developing the correct typing skills. The longer a student goes without formal keyboarding training, the longer they have to build bad habits.

If a student has developed their own method of typing, test their speed, accuracy, and ability to type without looking. In all likelihood, relearning typing skills with the touch typing method will improve the student’s overall typing ability. Even if their skill does not improve dramatically, having those students relearn in a formal manner will at least ensure they’re physically more well trained and less likely to run up against long term damage from misuse.

Without dedicated practice time, students could develop bad habits or work at a speed much slower than what they would ultimately be capable of. Once accomplished, the ability to touch type will yield positive results for students for the rest of their lives and is therefore decidedly worth dedicating time to.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)