Tips to Make Teaching Typing Easier

Teaching students to type may seem like an easy enough process, but it comes with a decent amount of skill that is needed. You can teach your students to type much easier when you take the time to learn some essential tips to get them learning more effectively than ever before.

The first step to effective teaching is using the right software. When you want to teach students to the best of your ability, you need to use the best software to help you out. A good software for teaching typing will be easy for everyone to use and will keep students engaged. Check out Typesy for a learning experience that will be both easy to use and informative for all students.

The next tip is to be comfortable with the technology you need to teach with. Helping students figure out problems with the software will allow you to get them learning quickly. With software like Typesy, teachers and students can have an easy time learning to type with software that is easy to navigate and is free of issues.

The last thing to remember is to get students engaged! Share with them the benefits of typing with the help of Typesy showing them how fun it can really be.

Typesy is incredible - since the program adapts to each learner, I can be sure - as a teacher - that my students are working on differentiated lessons at a pace best fit for them.

It is likely that students in your class will be at differing levels of typing proficiency. There are many ways to keep your advanced students engaged while you focus your attention on your struggling students. Consider hosting competitions for highest WPM or accuracy, allow your most advanced students to tutor less experienced classmates, or challenge your adept typists by blindfolding them or covering the letters on their keyboard. Having a few ideas up your sleeve will ensure your skilled typists don’t become bored and distracting to others who need time to practice.

When it comes to typing, there is no such thing as too much practice. If a student has already developed proper touch typing technique, they can utilize class time to improve their accuracy, increase their WPM, or even offer one-on-one help to classmates who may be struggling. If a student has developed their own method of typing, test their speed, accuracy, and ability to type without looking. In all likelihood, relearning typing skills with the touch typing method will improve the student’s overall typing ability.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)