Other typing games versus Typesy

Why is Typesy better than those other simple online typing games?


While these web games are often free and accessible to any student anywhere, they have serious drawbacks in terms of limited pedagogical design, inflexible exercise materials, IT network burden, and ad-based business models.

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Hello @mallorykent! Welcome to Typsey Community:)
Other sites may teach you how to type, they do not teach you why you type. Typsey supports you with unlimited ad-free games and lessons. This site is completely safe and free of all mal-ware such as viruses and inappropriate images and sites. Typsey shows you the correct position and how to get your typing skills and mastery where you want it. While some other sites may seem free and convienent -you’ll want to choose Typsey above them all. It is definitely worth every penny!

Typesy is an especially valuable platform for students, making this program a great choice for classroom instruction. Students are engaged through a variety of gamified lessons in which they earn rewards, up their game status, and work towards custom goals. Students build their own avatars and practice typing through fun, interactive lessons. Additionally, Typesy adapts to each learner, so no student will ever find themselves with lessons too easy or too difficult.