What are those supplemental online games?

I am a Typesy user but I am just curious what is its advantage over those supplemental online games?


Supplemental online games provide few tests or assessment capabilities, no capacity for real-time monitoring or for generating data on individual student progress, and a limited number of exercises. They are not true instructional programs that use the tools of motivation and engagement to instill proper keyboard techniques and reinforce other important knowledge.

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Hello, @celiaprentice!

As with anything on the internet, you must consider your online privacy. If you find a typing program is free to use, you’re likely paying by offering up your data to the site. Typesy does not allow advertising on the platform, so you can be sure your activity is safe. No unwanted ads will be popping up while you work, and your data is kept secure and private.

That being said, sometimes a game is just what you need to break the monotony of typing lessons. Typesy itself has free games online! I personally like to use ZType to have students practice their spelling words, which I can load in. I’m just more careful during these activities as I know my students are working on a relatively unknowable platform.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)