My question about Typesy

Hello everyone, I just want to say (and ask) a few things; first, who created typesy and why? Was typesy community made a long, short, or the same time as the typing curriculum started? Why is there a typesy community? Why do you ONLY talk about typing stuff on here?

There are so many typing programs, why make another one? It’s not like [I am not meaning to sound rude] but it’s not like typesy could be the best of all! But who know it may be. I also have a few complainants from me and my sisters who are doing this with me, what I am complaining about is this: The games, they USED to be cute but you changed clumsy bird typing and ZType puls. Why is that? You changed clumsy bird typing to clumsy blocky and now ZType just looks, how do I say this kindly, kind of well babyish to say the least. Not only little kids do this you know.
I don’t mean to make you feel bad, but would you please consider changing those games back to the way they were?

Maria T.

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I agree with you same thing with me and my sis and brother.

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Hi there, @Squeezer and @emdoggy7!

If you ever have suggestions you would like the Typesy team to consider, make sure to post your ideas to the ‘Feature Request’ category on this forum. I know the administrators check those often, so perhaps one of your ideas for the games will be implemented!

Have you ever tried customizing these games? One of my favorite things to do with students is load in their weekly spelling words and have them practice using Typesy typing games. Perhaps you could do a similar thing but load in more fun words like the lyrics to your favorite song or the names of you and your siblings, pets, friends, etc. I know this doesn’t really do much to answer your complaints, but I wanted to add on in case you find it a helpful suggestion.

Here’s hoping Typesy adds a few new games soon that you love!
Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)