How do you play the Clumsy Bird Typing and what is the point

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to play the Clumsy Bird typing. I just really do not get it and even though some people may consider this question to be not important but to me I really want to gain points by all the games and CB is just really hard. Is it supposed to be that hard?

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i think ik what u are talking about im the same thing it seames to hard


To play Clumsy Bird, type the letters that appear on the bottom of the screen in order to get your bird to fly higher. Be careful to time out your typing to avoid obstacles in your bird’s way!

The game may be challenging, but keep at it. The more you practice, the more you will advance.

The Typesy Team

@OBertrand I totally agree it is really really hard, I didn’t know i f I just really sucked at games or if other people had the same opinion. and @Kerry thanks for the playing info. I will try to work on it. And just like Minecraft, you should keep going always and not give up, but I mean that’s insanely hard.

Keep it up @AGM! Consistency and repetition is key in all typing, so by not giving up, you’re on your way to mastery!

Typesy Team

@AGM, I recommend doing easier word sorts first, like the introduction to ASDF/JKL word sorts, or specifically, ASDF(short)1/JKL(short)1. It helps you get used to the game’s mechanics which allows you to move on to harder sorts.

@JustSomeCatBread - that’s great advice!

@AGM - it has been a while since you posted - how is the practice going? Have you noticed marked improvement? I sure hope so!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)

thanks so much for the kind words! and for responding i will take that into thought

Yes, I have been quite busy, but I have been keeping up the good work. You will be hearing from me alot more soon!!!

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