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It would really help me learn if I knew which keys I was actually typing when I make an error. Maybe when you miss a key what you actually typed could pop up above the missed key or at the end of an activity you could see what you actually typed so that I knew what my fingers were doing. This would allow me to be able to think about what is happening around those keys so that I could focus on it while I learn.

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hi Iā€™m new here can you help me out plz :wave:

Yes! Say @discobot then he can help

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

ok thanks nitemares_are_me

@discobot display help

I currently know how to do the following things:

@discobot start {name-of-tutorial}

Starts an interactive tutorial just for you, in a personal message. {name-of-tutorial} can be one of: tutorial, advanced tutorial.

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 3, 6

@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: Wisdom begins in wonder. ā€” Socrates

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: You may rely on it

what next after that

use all the stuff you learned in topics and stuff like that!

thank you so much that helps a lot

i love minecraft to and roblox oops stay on topic forgot

You can create another topic for that :smile:

Oh, and those are my favorite games too!