I Have Eye Strain

Please give some advice how to relieve eye strain.

Here are some tips that might help you:

Get a Pair of Blue Light Blockers.
Take Breaks.
Switch It Up. If you wear contact lenses, take a break from them for a bit and wear your glasses instead vice versa
Optimize Your Lighting.
Keep Things Humid.
Get a Matte Screen Filter.

Best Regards,
Aidan Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

This also might work for you go to your settings and turn on the Night light. Your screen will be orange and cause less damage to your eyes. Also simple prescription glasses that block glare help slightly to minimize glare. Blinking more often helps too but, you might be wanting more of something to help longer than Blue Light Blockers are a good decision. Pixel Argo and Spektrum Prospek Arctic are the two I would use. Seeing as I to have struggled greatly with eye strain, I am sorry to here that you to suffer. Though I have found these things to help. I was also just wondering if you suffer from headaches after using any sort of internet? /And how severe is it?? Like is it just the computer or all things with blue light? You see, it could be that your computer/tablet/phone has an excessive amount of blue light omitted. Also you might try downloading the blue light filter onto your device, and in this world I know that it is hard, but really try to minimize your time aside from important things, not saying that anything that you might do is not important, but even me-- when I really think about it , how long should one person spend on Minecraft and shih tzu compilations all day? I do not know what keep things humid fully means but I would recommend everything that ABernales said. Thanks for reading this post if you made it this far:)