Would You Rather (#11)

Would you rather win the Nobel Peace Prize or win 5 million dollars in a gameshow?

5 million probably, Just because. Why not??

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@AGM So you’d rather be rich than famous?

Nevermind. I’d rather be famous than rich. Because if you are famous, you could be asked to do speeches,etc. And then eventually become famous.


I’d want to win 5 million because my family needs the money.

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@beebos Lol so does my family :laughing:

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It’s actually sad tho. :sweat_smile:

I would probably say , win 5 million dollars ,
One , I’m no good at pubic speaking and I would probably throw up thinking about it !!!
And I would use the money to buy a vanagen …
I think that’s how you spell it … :joy::joy::grin::grin:

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u mean a vanagon?


That sounded rude…that wasn’t the right emoji…sorry bcole42

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Its alright …
and yes I mean a vanagon !!!
I love them !!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:
And yes … I know I’m weird
I’m just a regular ninth grader :joy::joy::joy:
Aren’t all ninth graders like this :thinking:

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A nobel PEACE prize for sure, I don’t care for money, I care for peace bro! More peace for me!

I’m a little kid, I have no idea what a nobel peace prize is, I’m a total idiot/noob

Sheesh guys, Don’t be so hard on yourself! None of you are idiots…and I don’t think I’d throw your brother under the bus so soon. How old is he?

I’m a weirdo for sure tho

but it is only fair if u say, everyone is weird in their own way… like, I’m weird because of my ultra mega upcession with foxes (I call cat ears on a band or headphones fox ears🦊)

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that is not weird in the car we going some where when my sibling’s are with me we pretend that we have laptop’s and play minecraft and fornite and among us

Ok, that is funny, I like it, I USED to pretend I had a invisible sister… we are all weird , it is natural!

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Normal is just a setting on a washing machie, who wants to be that??

Haha…Bitcoin. I watched this stereotypes video on Youtube and this metal detector guy picked something up and said it was a bitcoin.

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