Why are there girl things and boy things?

Why are there girl things and boy things? I’m a girl and I feel like a boy most of the time because I am not a huge fan of “girly” things sooooo… tell me what you think of this question, plz?

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their should not be boy stuff and girl stuff it should be for boys and girls

I know… bc of that, I’m a tomboy

u there evey plz SPEAK

I’m here dudo, don’t worry

I’m the most boyish lass ya’ll will ever meet.

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Dad says I’m a Tomgall, its a girly tomboy

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Yes, if you are a girl you are. No matter how you act. It was how you were made. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different than that. And there is always unisex options in everything. I guess I don’t understand your question. But in this world, there are tomboys (tomgalls) and that might just be who you are. Be you, and be confident. But never question what you are. You are beautiful. And just because you aren’t into Barbie, and would prefer to play Minecraft, doesn’t make you a guy. It just makes you what I call a “cool” girl. There is different types of people for all. So this is just my opinion on this question. There are genders. And you are an amazing person. I am not a huge fans of things for my select gender. I can be a guy and like glitter, and pink. If you mean in that case: I do not believe dolls should be labeled girls toys, and stuff. they are only named that because originally girls played with them. But I remember playing with a lot of girls toys too. Like anime figures. I loved those and still do. Even if they are considered dolls. So please, always be you. Even if people do consider you more guy-ish, it doesn’t change what you are and why people should love you. I am totally sorry if this is confusing or I missed the point of this question, but I hope I have been of some sort of help. Thanks for taking the time to read this and think about it. I hope you’ll carry this on and know you. Not EVER letting anyone skewer your beliefs.