Which skill is more important to improve, the typing or the reading skill?

I saw you have software for both but I can’t decide what to buy first…

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I’d rather increase my typing speed. When typing speed increases, your efficiency increases as well. But if you increase your reading speed, you might no be able to comprehend the piece well.

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Aidan Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

Hi there, @frankymorley!

Which did you decide to go with? I am interested in what you’ve observed as I could easily see benefits and disadvantages no matter which program you choose to do first. Improving your reading skills will allow you to focus on letters and words during typing lessons, without having to worry about the added layer of reading comprehension. That being said, to learn typing first would be beneficial, too, since you would definitely be strengthening your reading skills at the same time. However, the time you’d need to understand what you’re typing would mean the act of typing is much slowed. Depending on how much work you need to put in, this might get pretty frustrating and ultimately lead to giving up on both, which is of course what you’d want to avoid!

I would love to hear what you’ve found - which did you opt to go with first and why? How has one program helped with your other learning needs? I’m always looking for stories like this because who knows when someone else’s experience may help me in teaching my students!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)