Why is my typing speed not improving though I often do typing tasks?

My job requires computer tasks but I wonder why my typing speed doesn’t get high enough compared to others. What are the tips to improve my typing skills?


There are two main components to developing any skill. These are practicing the skill, and performing the skill. Typing is like dancing with your fingers, and requires the discipline to practice it as such. You have to learn and memorize the choreography of words, the position of keys, the letters and symbols on the keyboard.

The difference between practicing and performing typing is the same as it is with any other skills. Practicing requires a different sort of mindset than performing. A good practice uses more of a dynamic focus than performing does.

Practice involves learning the entire keyboard, whereas performance will likely only require certain areas of it. Typing games are important for great practice and impressive performance! You can improve each month if your practice is good.

Aim for 100% accuracy with every keystroke, every word and paragraph. Speed will come naturally as a secondary benefit. Take a break every two hours or so to recharge. You will see improvement in your work.

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Lyka Remeticado
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Hi, @paigeclarke!

You may be surprised at this observation - many are! But the truth is, simply using a keyboard to type is not sufficient enough to improve on the skill.

Spending time typing is not the same as practicing typing. Without dedicated practice time, you could be developing bad habits or working at a speed much slower than what you are ultimately capable of. To see any noticeable improvement in your typing speed, you will want to commit yourself to daily typing practice. Once accomplished, the ability to touch type will yield positive results for the rest of your life and is therefore decidedly worth dedicating time to.