What to expect from a 5th grader in touch typing?

Hi, I am a teacher of students in the 5th grade. What should I expect from my students in my typing class?


5th and 6th graders are expected to have to answer essay questions by touch typing the answers in computer-based exams. If their typing skills are poor they have no way of doing well in these exams, even if they’ve studied.

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Hello, @nimrabruce!

In general, the average adult touch typist can type 41 WPM; typing at or above 57 WPM is deemed above average. I’d say a comfortable goal for a fifth grader would be to work towards 30 WPM.

Typing is a tricky subject as your students will undoubtedly have experience with a keyboard, but that might mean they have developed bad habits. Those who seem to be more than proficient in typing may actually need to relearn proper techniques.

Your class will be at differing levels of typing proficiency. There are many ways to keep your advanced students engaged while you focus your attention on your struggling students. Consider hosting competitions for highest WPM or accuracy, allow your most advanced students to tutor less experienced classmates, or challenge your adept typists by blindfolding them or covering the letters on their keyboard. Having a few ideas up your sleeve will ensure your skilled typists don’t become bored and distracting to others who need time to practice.

With the uncertainty of the 2020-2021 school year, this type of interactive school-to-home program is exactly what we teachers need right now!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)