What is the average typing speed and is 20 WPM good enough?

So yes, I’m starting to learn how to touch type and I want to know if this speed is fine?

On average, people type around 35 to 40 WPM or 190 to 200 characters per minute (CPM). Professional typists have to type much faster, averaging between 65 to 75 WPM or greater. With that in mind, typing at 20 WPM is not good, and if you hope to type professionally, it’s considered to be outright unacceptable. For some positions, such as dispatch positions and other time-sensitive jobs, you may be required to have a typing speed of at least 80 to 90 WPM. Jobs that don’t require much typing, such as sales positions, cosmetologists, and more may not require typing at all. If they do, it won’t be enough to warrant needing a particular WPM speed.

Additionally, you can increase your speed and accuracy over time with ample practice, exercises, and focus. There are programs available online, both as downloadable software and standalone websites, that are geared toward helping you improve your typing speed and accuracy to boost your WPM.

I am starting to learn how to type, is 20 WPM good?