Is 20 WPM average?

I am new in Typesy and my current speed is at 20 WMP. Is this considered average?


That’s below average.

Most people have a typing speed of 45 WPM. If you are still young or a beginner in touch typing, that speed can be considerable. However, you should not stick to that because when you reach high school or college (if you are still a student), or when you start working, a good typing speed will always give you an edge. It enhances your efficiency and boosts your productivity.

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Arella Bernales
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Hello, @samuelallan!

A speed of 20 WPM is below average, but it shows you’re on your way to a mastery of touch typing! If you continue with daily practice, you should be improve dramatically within a few weeks.

In general, the average typist can type around 41 WPM and should be maintaining an accuracy rate around 92%, about 8 mistakes per 100 words. It is important to note that a high WPM with low accuracy is not a desirable goal; the amount of time needed to correct typing errors should be taken into account when testing a true WPM.

Stay dedicated and continue to practice, and you’ll be be a touch typing pro in no time. Be sure to come back to update us on your progress!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)