My speed is 25 WPM

Is my 25 WPM typing speed good enough?


I’m afraid not. The average speed of most people today is 40 WPM. Well it would be acceptable if you are still young or you don’t use computer often, but if not, you still need to improve.

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Arella Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

Hey Lucie, keep going! All I can say the road to the WPM is in your hands, literally :slightly_smiling_face:. Even myself has got a long road to go so I understand it might be frustrating at times just make sure you put the time in.

Hi there,

25 WPM for starter is good but not the average because average should be 40 WPM but of course when you keep on practicing and familiarizing your fingertips where the letters are placed and with focus you will definitely get the best out of it.

Keep on practicing and it will make more easy for you to touch type.