What are the ways of generating income as a minor?

I want to ean money through typing, any idea how?


You may start by choosing some part time jobs online. You can work in the comfort of your own home and you can study at the same time. Just choose what is applicable for you and what job fits your skill. Here are some online jobs that you can try: Virtual Assistant, Content Writer, Social, Media Specialist, Web Developer, Online Tutor, Video Editor, Business Admin, Graphic Artist, Online Survey Jobs, Blogging, Data Entry Jobs, Captcha Jobs, Freelancing. There are many online sites as well by which you can find these jobs. But before going online, you should be equipped with the necessary tools and skills. Tools would include desktop computer, camera and good internet connection. Skills such as social media expertise, admin jobs, computer and good typing skills are also needed depending on the position you are applying for. The basic skill that you should learn though is touch typing because some employers would require a specific speed for you to qualify. Need not worry about this because there are lots of typing program for you to choose from. One good example for this is Typesy. So if you might want to go digital now, might as well develop the necessary skills as early as possible.

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