How can I make money online by typing?

I have been wondering if there are some jobs out there that is suitable for people with good typing skills? I am interested to do homebased works because I am a full-time mom too.

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There are many opportunities to make money typing online. With technological advancements, many people choose to stay at home and find a career that could generate income.

Some options you can try are: virtual assistance, content writing, social media specialist, web development, online tutoring, business administration, blogging, data entry jobs, and freelancing as a writer.

There are many websites where you can find these jobs. But before beginning your search, you should be equipped with the necessary tools and skills. Tools would include a desktop computer or laptop, camera or microphone, and a good internet connection. Skills such as social media expertise, administration experience, computer knowledge and good typing skills are also necessary, depending on what you’re applying for. The basic skill that you should learn is touch-typing.

Some jobs require a particular typing speed minimum, and touch-typing can optimize your words per minute (wpm).

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For the true masters of touch typing, I’ve always thought being a transcriptionist could be fun! Typists create text files of audio recordings, typing the words spoken as they hear them. It is the type of job that would require very strong typing skills, but it’s certainly something to consider.