Typing Versus Writing

Is typing faster than writing?


It depends on the ability of an individual.

Each one of us differs in speed whether in writing or typing. What matters is that you can finish your work efficiently and accurately.

Handwriting is a deeply complex motor skill that’s cognitively challenging and essential to master. Handwriting involves several brain faculties at once, including sensory, motor, and language centers of the brain, and of course our senses of hearing and sight and touch. Same applies to touch typing.

But since we are coping with technological advancement where gadgets are widely used even by young learners, it is also a “must” to develop a good touch tying skill. Anyway, there are numerous programs that offers typing lessons such as Typesy so might as well try and explore this to improve both your writing and typing skills.

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Arella Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

Hello, @andreirush!

As Arella said, it depends on the writer! Those who are new to typing may find handwriting is faster whereas a professional typist can compose text on a keyboard much faster than by hand.

Handwriting is a necessary skill and many find it very enjoyable. However, there are limitations to handwriting - reduced ability for editing, difficult process to copy, potential for illegible writing, etc. Typed writing can be edited as many times as needed, copied and shared in seconds, and is easy to read.

I don’t think handwriting skills will ever truly be replaced, but the benefits of having the ability to type are becoming more and more prevalent in our increasingly tech-dependent world.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)