Trouble in Hitting the Right Keys

Did you experience having trouble in hitting the right keys?

Before when I was not so familiar with touch typing, I had a trouble with my accuracy. My fingers don’t seem to type the right keys.

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Aidan Bernales
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Hello, @cerysdriscoll!

Yes! For whatever reason, I seem to hit G a lot when trying to type F.

If you’re referring to this type of mistake for touch typing, it may be an issue with incorrect muscle memory. With touch typing, the goal is to train your fingers to move instinctively over the keys. If finger positioning is off when practicing, your brain may learn incorrectly, committing the mistake to muscle memory. If the same mistake is being repeated over and over, this is likely the case. At that point, you would want to keep practicing over and over until your brain rewires.


@cerysdriscoll - my advice is to slow down!

A high WPM with low accuracy is not a desirable goal; the amount of time needed to correct typing errors should be taken into account when testing a true WPM. To improve on accuracy, slow your typing to focus more on typing correctly rather than quickly. As the amount of mistakes lowers, only then should you be pushing to go faster. I find that if I force myself to focus on accuracy over speed, my WPM lowers, but so does the amount of mistakes I make.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)